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Emotional Survival For Law Enforcement©
A DVD Course For Law Enforcement Officers and Their Families

This course deals with the issues that create law enforcement officers that see themselves as "victims" and begin rationalizing behavior that they previously would have considered inappropriate. The course also deals with the communication challenges that doom many law enforcement relationships and marriages to failure.

Review the causes of and interventions for:

  • Cynicism
  • Malcontentism
  • Relationship Failures
  • Supervision Issues
  • Integrity Loss Issues
  • Officer Over-Aggressiveness
  • Situational Values
  • Victim-Based Thinking
  • Entitlement Orientation
  • Loyalty vs. Integrity
Here's what some of the clients who have purchased this course are saying:

"I wish I had this information twenty years ago, it might have saved me from several failed marriages.
-- 30 Year Veteran Police Officer
"This course lets me review and rethink how I relate to my department, the public and my own family"
-- 10 year Police Veteran Officer
Since we are both cops, as well as husband and wife, now we understand how things can turn bad at home so quickly after work"
-- Husband and Wife police officers
"I started out loving this job, then I began hating it and counting the years until retirement, now I know what is going on and how to correct it"
-- 12 Year Police Veteran Officer.

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